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Welcome. My name is Chris Pannan.  I’m the founder of the App Massage Me Now and I’m also a professional remedial sports therapist who has a passionate and burning desire to help humanity.

I believe all therapists naturally and instinctively have the desire in their soul to help or make a difference, to people around them. I am honoured and dedicated to be helping the helpers. My dream was to build something so powerful, yet so very simple, that all ages can use with ease. I wanted to create an App that makes you feel great every time you look at it.

Massage Me Now was built out of experiencing my own pain of operating both a home and hotel mobile massage business in the beautiful Whitsundays. l was spending a fortune on marketing material with billboards, phone book ads, business cards and DL flyers in hotel rooms knowing all this paper was getting thrown in the bin afterwards and at the same time was not effectively reaching the hands of every potential person looking for the services l delivered. It also meant when I travelled l had no way of advertising or reaching new clients. I knew there had to be a better way… A smarter, cheaper, easier, environmentally healthy and more productive way. Something that finds me clients at the touch of a button and not only that while l was at it I wanted simple steps to thank my clients with the ability for that client to rate, review and social share my service to all their friends.
Having a sales and marketing background I know word of mouth is still the most powerful form of advertising and automation was the key. Jump forward a few years and I am very excited to FINALLY be launching the app for iOS devices, and Android not being too far behind it. Massage Me Now offers you to advertise at no cost so there’s nothing to lose by being on the App, my amazing team and I have open arms by welcoming all therapists to experience what Massage Me Now can do for you. We’re excited that we are able to offer the bookings at a fraction of the cost of the other services available.  It will be at a flat 10% booking fee which includes all costs including merchant fees. This investment will help deliver a new education and tools to engage not only people who currently enjoy natural therapies but those that are yet to convert from the pharmaceutical industries system for pain relief.
I wish to sincerely thank you for viewing this page. It certainly takes a community to make a community and any shout out to friends or family will in effect create a difference to the future of the Health system!!!
In trust and gratitude 
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